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Acute VS Chronic Treatment Protocols

It can be a tough call to know exactly how many treatments each individual client will need. They each look at me with hopeful eyes asking "How many treatments will I need?" and as I try to give some kind of an answer I always say "Every patient is different and it's hard to tell." Yet one thing is for sure there is a system that I do follow for Acute injuries compared to Chronic conditions.

NO, I swear that I am not trying to get you in more often to suck every penny out of you! Each Acupuncture treatment builds on top of the other. Much like the gym where you need 4-6 weeks of exercise to see any promising results. One does not simply walk into the gym one time and say "Why am I not Fit yet?!" It's because our body does not function like a microwave. We need time and long term effort for our bodies to gain memory in the cells and change for the good.

If you follow these treatment protocols for Acute or Chronic, and actually follow through with the length of treatme