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Can Acupuncture & Herbs treat a Mental condition?

Acupuncture can help with that muscle or joint pain, but can it really help with a mental health condition such as Anxiety or Depression? No it cannot provide a cure to all of life's problems, but YES it can help with certain conditions in so many ways. If Acupuncture has been proven to create a different chemical reaction by releasing anti-inflammatory cells, then surely it can increase our serotonin levels (which is our own natural happy hormone pill).

I find it helps if we understand how the Qi (chee) flows in the body and how it effects our emotions. Qi flowing in a meridian is a like a highway and if an intersection becomes blocked than emotional disturbances occur. Each meridian "houses" a different organ and each organ has particular traits that effect them. For example, the emotion of the liver in Chinese medicine is anger. When we hold on to feelings of anger it can block our Qi, which can cause a liver qi stagnation (where the energy is not flowing properly), this can result in more anger. So by treating these different organs and meridians we will have better success to calm a restless mind through the better flow of Qi.